Why New Zealand Businesses can Benefit from Forklift Leasing Companies



Forklifts serve as a unique piece of equipment. When they are needed, no other machine can take their place, yet many companies fail to recognise the benefits of having a machine of this type in their facility. Manufacturing plants and lumber yards generally have this equipment on hand, yet they are also of benefit to many other companies, such as those in the construction industry and recycling yards. Obviously, these machines are often seen in retail stores, moving merchandise from location to location. Any company looking to purchase a forklift to reduce their workload should look to forklift leasing companies in NZ to save money on this essential machine.

The Versatility Of Forklifts

One reason forklifts are found in so many industries is they are very versatile machines.The machine is capable of moving a variety of materials, including crates and containers. Heavy loads that need to be moved from location to location on a construction site, such as steel beams and bricks, can easily be transported with the help of a forklift, and a retailer can unload merchandise from a truck and store it in the appropriate location easily with the help of this machine. The forklift may then be employed to stack crates and boxes or pull them down from the storage location to be moved to the sales floor.

Recycling yards benefit from the purchase of this machine, as it easily relocates shredded and/or crushed metal, copper wiring and more to their final destination. Furthermore, optional forklift accessories in NZ may be attached to the forklift, such as a snowplow, to handle tasks that need to be completed less frequently but can be completed in a short period of time with the help of the machine. Regardless of where a person needs to take the forklift, it will easily be moved into the desired position thanks to its maneuverability.

Why Buy Used Forklifts?

Unfortunately, a forklift hire in NZ for a short period of time typically isn’t economical, as the number of times it must be hired adds to the cost significantly, and this is why many companies are now opting to obtain used electric forklifts for sale in NZ or forklifts powered in another way. Doing so saves them money, and the items often are of the same quality. Care must be taken to ensure the forklift has been properly cared for and reconditioned to factory standards. In fact, some new machines have issues as soon as they come off the sales floor, thus there are no guarantees when buying any power equipment.

One benefit you get when you buy used forklifts is maintenance costs tend to be cheaper due to the lower cost of parts. Newer machines have electric motors and onboard computers, and this could lead to a higher cost of maintenance, although this isn’t always the case. Maintenance costs should always be considered when making a purchase of this type, as the low cost of a machine can easily be offset by high maintenance and repair costs over the long term.

Forklift Options

Individuals who choose to buy used forklifts often find the range of options available increases significantly. Understanding these options is critical before a business goes shopping for this item. Some find an electric forklift best meets their needs, as it produces extremely low emissions, the noise level is low compared to other models, and the machine can be charged overnight. Be aware that the maximum load for this type of forklift is 15,000 pounds, which may be a problem for some companies. One major benefit of choosing an electric model is the longevity of the machine. The battery and electric motor can easily be replaced when needed for major cost savings.

Forklifts powered by gas, diesel, or bio-diesel are other options to consider. Proper ventilation precautions must be taken when using these machines indoors, but they are capable of carrying loads up to 35,000 pounds and, sometimes, more. Most are seat operated, and they are typically found in lumber yards, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and other industrial sites. They are ready to go at any time, however, as long as they have fuel.

Pallet Jacks

Certain businesses find they don’t need the power offered by a traditional forklift and turn to a pallet jack instead. The power lifts move and relocate items on pallets and can lift up to 5,000 pounds if the pallet jack is a manual version. Electric-powered pallet jacks can handle up to 8,000 pounds, and one of these may be the best option for a company that doesn’t need to move anything heavier.

Multiple Machines For The Same Price

When a company chooses to buy a used forklift, they may find they are able to buy multiple machines for the same price as one new one. This reduces the workload placed on any one machine and allows a business to increase their productivity. As a result, companies typically see their profits go up when they choose to go this route.

Turn to forklift leasing companies in NZ when the time comes to buy a machine of this type. Stellar Machinery (www.stellarmachinery.co.nz) is a company many businesses count on when they wish to obtain this machine for their organisation. Doing so helps to save time and money while allowing the company to increase productivity. Contact them today to learn what machines they have that may be of benefit to your business and how much you can save by going this route. It never hurts to obtain information and, once you do, you will be ready to buy.


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